S c r o l l D o w n


I am Simon Cambier. I was born on July 4th 1996 in Namur, Belgium. Since, I’ve travelled, especially in Guadeloupe where I’ve lived for twelve years before coming back on the old continent to live again in my hometown.

I work for pour écrire la liberté SCRL-FS where I’m Communication Officer and Manager of web and sales divisions. I also make websites, graphic resumes, illustrations, animations and video contents for my own customers.

My last position was Sales Group Manager and Lead Designer for Annuaire Namur where I’ve created both marketing strategy and graphic identity.

All along my way, I’ve learned a lot about many things. I was always curious and looking for new challenges and experiences. I’m determined and dynamic in everything that I do and I like meeting peoples, learn from them, earing and sharing.

After got involved in diverse areas such farming, tourism, entertainment, marketing, blogging and many others, I’m now straddle between sales and webdesign. In the end, I think that all along my way what I’ve always expected was the fact of building an image and powering the development of products to reach as many people as possible. Sales and web design, as I use them and with my interpretation, form a kind of marketing.

Of course, because writing is also one of my greatest passions, I continue to post news sometimes. The quality is crucial in my opinion. Here, on my own website, I can give free rein to the wrting with editorial freedom.

If you want more informations about me, this website and my LinkedIn profile will provide all informations you need. Obviously, you can also following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I would be happy to answer to your questions if I can help you or if you want to work with me.